19 Nov

By The Book had the pleasure of an author call from Jane Kirkpatrick.           Kirkpatrick, author of 18 books including many historical novels, is the author of the group’s November selection, A Flickering Light.  The novel, set in early 1900s Minnesota, is a retelling of the author’s maternal grandmother’s life.  Jesse Gaebele began her career as a photographer in a studio in Winona, MN owned by renowned photographer F. J. Bauer. A Flickering Light, examines the life choices, some good, some bad, of Kirkpatrick’s grandmother.  Asked if it was hard to write a novel featuring a family member, Kirkpatrick said it was.  She noted that while she was first concerned with family reaction, all were supportive of the project.  Kirkpatrick stated she used family recollections and newspaper accounts to flesh out Jesse’s story.  Photographs taken by her grandmother are also featured in the novel.  Another novel, set for a 2010 publication date, will continue Jesse’s story.

If you like historical or biographical novels, check out Jesse’s story from the library.  It will be available at the grand reopening of the library on December 6.

By the Book is a book discussion group open to women of all ages.  Currently, our membership spans the ages of 21 – 80+.  We read biographies and novels written by Christian authors.  If you would like to join us, our next meeting is scheduled for December 6th at 7:00 pm.  We will be discussing Teri Blackstock’s Intervention.


  1. Jane Kirkpatrick November 23, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    It was my pleasure to “visit” with your book group earlier this month. I enjoyed hearing your laughter and your gracious welcome to me. I’m so pleased when Christian book groups choose a novel. As theologian Frederick Buechner once noted: fiction may not be true the way a photograph is true capturing a moment in time. But fiction is true the way a portrait is true, capturing the subject over time. Parables were a powerful way to tell truths and I am grateful to be telling stories I hope bring God’s truth to readers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy Terri’s book! Warmly, Jane Kirkpatrick

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