Book Review: 365 Pocket Morning Prayers

28 Sep

51hwb440qtl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Each morning when you arise, take a moment to talk with God about the day ahead. Ask Him to prepare your heart so that you can be ready to face any challenge that comes your way. 365 Pocket Morning Prayers can guide this time of life-changing conversation and help you express your needs and concerns to God. Don’t worry about what the day will bring. Instead, release your troubles and concerns into God’s care by reading and meditating on the prayers featured in 365 Pocket Morning Prayers. Begin your day in joyful anticipation, trusting that God is in control of your life and wants only the best for you.


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My Impressions:

Need more prayer in your life? Who doesn’t?! With 365 Pocket Morning Prayers you will have a great resource for spending time with God, even when you are on the go. Each day a short prayer focusing on your needs and God’s purposes will greet you along with a short scripture verse to meditate upon. There’s plenty of comfort and conviction between this book’s pages. For example, one day is dedicated to Legalism, reminding the reader that that is a problem not just of 1st century Pharisees. Other topics include Listening to God, Self-Image, God’s Patience, Truthfulness — there is something for every day and every situation. 365 Pocket Morning Prayers is perfect to keep in your purse or backpack for your morning commute (unless you are driving!) or to keep handy in your desk drawer for your morning break. Of course, it is also designed to be used first thing in the morning and is a great way to jumpstart your day or quiet time.


Audience: adults.

(Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for a review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

2 Responses to “Book Review: 365 Pocket Morning Prayers”

  1. David Wiley September 28, 2016 at 8:56 am #

    Thank you for this review. You’re right, who doesn’t need more prayer in their life? This sounds like a nice, interesting little book that is handy because of how portable it is. Definitely one to check out!

    • rbclibrary September 28, 2016 at 1:29 pm #

      Please do check it out. There are others in the series as well. Thanks for commenting!

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