Book Review: Undaunted Faith

4 May

When Pastor Luke McCabe begins paying extra attention to her, Bethany takes his fine-sounding words with a grain of salt. She’s heard sweet talk before. This time she is going to keep her mind on the Lord and on her new teaching job in the Arizona Territory. But when her reputation is accidentally soiled by the rakish town sheriff, Luke steps in with a marriage proposal to save Bethany’s good name. Luke is certain their marriage is God’s will…but Bethany is just as certain God must have someone else in mind to be Luke’s wife. Someone sweet and spiritual, who knows the Scriptures better than Bethany does. Someone like Luke’s old friend from home.

My Impressions:

Undaunted Faith is the 4th book in Andrea Boeshaar’s Seasons of Redemption series.  It is the last book to follow the McCabe siblings, concentrating on brothers/pastors Luke and Jake.  I read and reviewed the first two books in the series, Unwilling Warrior and Uncertain Heart, and liked them.   And overall, I liked Undaunted Faith.

Bethany Stafford finds herself in Silverstone, a frontier town in the Arizona Territory, teaching school and being pursued by the men of the town.  Dr. Annetta Cavanaugh has come to Silverstone to start fresh and escape her painful past.  Both women are attracted to the McCabe brothers, yet doubt they will ever find the love they yearn for.

Undaunted Faith is filled with women, who for one reason and another, don’t believe they are worthy of the love of a good man and worse, not worthy of God’s love — Bethany: described by her father as too plain to get married and forced to take care of the home and her siblings,  Annetta:  trying to desperately make a new life, while reliving a night of pain and abuse, and Angie:  a working girl, forced into a life of prostitution after her step-father loses her in a poker game.  Boeshaar makes sure each character is presented with the truth of God’s love.

As I said, I liked the book, but not as much as the first two in the series.  (I have not read book 3.)  I felt the ending was a little rushed, and also a bit jarring.  But I guess (trying not to give away too much) death and lawlessness were part of the Wild West.

Recommended for those who like historical romances.

To learn more about Undaunted Faith and to read an excerpt, click HERE.

(I received Undaunted Faith as part of the First Wild Card Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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