Book Review: The Dead Rise First

1 Oct

The Dead Rise First is the self-published novel by Alton Ragan and Robert McLaughlin.  Based on the scripture references of Matthew 27:52-53 and I Thessalonians 4:13-14, the novel looks at the end-times with a twist — the dead in Christ are resurrected and walk on earth before the Rapture of the church occurs.  In their book, the United States has been hit by a supposed terrorist attack rendering all electronic and computer devices inoperable.  If that is isn’t scary enough, graves are opened and people are visited by their long dead relatives.   While an interesting premise, I am afraid the book falls short.

Alton Ragan and Robert McLaughlin

Most authors have an agenda — they want to inform, persuade and convince their readers.  Readers too have an agenda.  While some readers are looking for thought-provoking material, most just want to be entertained. Behind the words, Ragan and McLaughlin are earnest and sincere in bringing forth their message of Christ’s imminent arrival.  However, their book lacks the necessary elements to attract readers. The book is devoid of any description of setting and adequate characterization.  At just over 200 pages, The Dead Rise First would greatly benefit from some fleshing out — a description of the small town of Jordan, Oklahoma, background information of the characters and their relationships.  As it is, the novel reads like an evangelistic tract.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few typos in the book as well.  While not that uncommon in books published even by the larger publishing houses, in a self-published book the mistakes become a glaring annoyance.

I wish I could recommend this book, but I cannot.  My comments are not meant to be mean-spirited, but as constructive criticism for the authors to fix what could be a really interesting and enjoyable book.

(I received The Dead Rise First from Hamby Media in exchange for a review.  The opinions expressed are mine alone.)

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