Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer

14 Dec

Welcome to Appalachia — the theocracy led by Bar Elohim, an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-controlling, not so benevolent dictator.  Sigmund Brouwer has created a world of the future in which the United States has been divided into two countries — The Outside and Appalachia. Appalachia has become a heavily fortified, independent nation whose economy depends upon exporting carbon credits and computer chips to the Outside. No one gets in and no one ever gets out, at least not without stealth and deception.

The action starts quickly with Jordan and daughter Caitlyn being chased by bounty hunters, law enforcement and an agent from the Outside.  The secrets surrounding the father and daughter are puzzle pieces for the reader to assemble. Underlying the suspense of the hunt and the longed for escape is the problem of societies based on science without moral boundaries and societies based on religion, but not God.  The novel is set in the future, a century ahead, yet many of the issues raised are very much part of today.

Pick up a copy of this book in the library.  Highly Recommended.

(This book was received from the publisher through Library Thing’s Early Reviewer program.  No financial consideration was given for this review.)

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