Defenders of Hope series by Amy Wallace

14 Oct

I just finished the last installment in Amy Wallace’s Defenders of Hope series — Enduring Justice. I received this book to review by the Early Reviewers group at Library Thing (no financial compensation was given for this review). This series is not for the faint of heart. In Enduring Justice, the tough topics of child molestation and racism are explored. Wallace states in the afterword that her novels are often described as uncomfortable to read. I believe that is an accurate statement. Not an easy book to read, but a good book nevertheless.

The main characters are Hanna, a 31 year old photographer fighting the demons of her past and Michael an FBI agent charged with the difficult cases involving missing and exploited children. Michael also has issues from his past. Both are Christians, but are not perfect. They struggle with guilt, anger, shame and the need for revenge. Healing doesn’t come fast or easy for these two. Other characters in the book are family and co-workers of Hanna and Michael. The novel is fast-paced and a page turner. I couldn’t wait to get through the last 100 pages.

Enduring Justice is the third in the series. It is not necessary to read the first 2, but I would recommend reading them to get the back stories around the other characters and to fill in some of the gaps in the storyline.


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